Dana Damato

Dana Damato

It is not often in life where you meet someone with such a vivacious spirit as I have met in Dana Damato. Through a friend I was introduced to Dana and I am forever grateful for I have met a star that is on the verge of exploding into supernova status.

Upon talking to Dana I realized this beautiful woman not only had the gift of holding an intelligent conversation but a captivating one at that. After asking Dana about how she came to do what she does I was blown away by her drive and tenacity to follow her dreams. Growing up in South Florida surrounded by a loving family she has a kindred spirit that glows and  emits the ability to always stay grounded no matter how big the celebrity or client may be. Dana says that since she was ten years old she knew she wanted to be a writer and in fact realized that she was really good at it. In college she worked for a creative fashion magazine that had Dana writing about luxurious fantasies and traveling across state lines in order to bring the experience to the reader. I’m not even sure if Dana’s title “Lifestyle and Entertainment Journalist” really encompasses all that she can do.

332260_598271573879_206801601_32179656_1294615053_oWith just a few opening lines into her articles I’m wrapped into whatever she is trying to share with me. I’ve already marked my calendar to go to all the restaurants she reviews because the salivation in my mouth is just not enough to suffice. I must taste it. The chefs should be proud that Dana can bring the energy of their food to a piece of paper or even an online web page.

My favorite piece to date is among her many hotel and resort reviews. Dana recently visited the Hotel Beaux Arts in Miami and what a review that was. Her descriptions are extravagant, comforting, and makes you want to visit so that you can have the most lavish experience just like her.

Dana doesn’t just do as we say ‘Lifestyle’ writing which would include her many beauty, food, health, and traveling articles but she also engages in numerous celebrity interviews which range anywhere from actors, comedians, musicians, to Hollywood icons. There isn’t much that Dana does not cover. If she’s not at the latest red carpet event you could find her toting her Chanel to the hottest fashion show.

Dana In The Hollywood Hills

Dana In The Hollywood Hills

When I asked Dana where this windstorm of success has her headed she told me that she hopes to have her own entertainment and lifestyle show. She admires what Samantha Brown does for the Travel Channel and what Giuliana Rancic does for E! Entertainment. After spending the last few months getting to know Dana I believe her show would have an exorbitant amount of success. In fact, on my next vacation I’m calling her up for suggestions on where to stay. She is the trustworthy choice when making decisions on what is hot right now.

225626_553551014239_206801601_31844682_6341029_nAnother adventure on top of Dana’s list is to take an African safari which I can only hope happens in the next year so that I can go the following year after she tells me where all the best places are to go. When she is not carting her passport around along with her Mac laptop you can find Dana scaling the mountains of whichever city she is visiting in her Nike Shock’s. Did you think she only lived in Steve Madden heels and Chanel? Nope! I’ve come to find out that this girl is a chameleon to her environment. One night she’s in a one shoulder hot little black dress and the next she’s paddle boarding. It’s hard to find someone who is that dynamic to offer your company, as well as us readers, luxe and glam along with outdoors chic.

398695_601688221889_206801601_32190622_136622275_nSince Dana does a score of traveling I asked her what three things she could not live without and she answered, “ Cell phone (iPhone), Credit Card, and a Starbucks Expresso Shot”. Even her answers are charming. I really can’t say enough about how awe-inspiring Dana is. Her impressive demeanor and eloquent writing and speech has me captivated and I have gained a comrade for life.

I’m calling out all marketers and branding companies and I want to see Dana with a show either on Travel or E! in the next year, she needs to be the face of Dove True Beauty in their next campaign, Nike needs to jump on marketing Dana as the successful power business woman but has time to take her Shocks out for a run, and lastly why isn’t Branson sponsoring all her flights?

Read her site for content on where to book your next trip, what hot restaurants to eat at, catch up on your celebrity gossip, find out what happened at your cities most celebrated event, or just enjoy the narrative of her magical ventures. If you want your product, event, or client spotlighted by Dana then call or email her as soon as you can to secure availability for we never know where she may be from one day to the next. The “Where in the world is Dana Damato?” app is still under construction.

Check Dana at: www.DanaDamato.com
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Lauren Pacheco & Dana Damato

Lauren Pacheco & Dana Damato

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