pink shirt2In this episode I take you to Old Town San Diego. It was a beautiful sunny 80 degree weather day and what better way to spend it then at the West Coast’s 1st Spanish settlement dating back to 1769. I didn’t get to go or do everything I wanted to do, BUT I did have a great time at the places I was able to tackle. I first started at La Panaderia (:27), then mosied on over to Beacon Artworks (1:58) for an interview with the artist, R.D. Riccoboni . I then went to Hot Licks (4:28) to see what their hot sauce was all about. There’s one you have to sign a waiver for! After that I checked out Casa De Reyes and then slowly walked over to The Whaley House (7:45). The Travel Channel has named this THE most haunted house in the United States. After the Whaley House, I took a trip over to the El Campo Santo Cemetery (9:13) which was established in 1849. It’s pretty eery there.

My tale is about eleven minutes. I hope you find it enjoyable. Also look out for “Finger Freddy”. Whenever you see a rogue finger entering the screen, there he is. My camera woman’s (Daisy) hands couldn’t help but try get in the picture. A lot like Lucy trying to get into Ricky’s Copacabana shows.

Episode 2: Old Town San Diego

[youtube id=”9ESLFfiQaDM” align=”center” mode=”normal” maxwidth=”600″]

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