IMG_4686Just recently I decided that while I’m going to school to obtain that broadcasting degree for that dream job with ESPN, Travel Channel, E! entertainment, Telemundo, Food Network, and all the other networks I love, I’m going to just start filming my life and see how this show goes. The great thing about Lauren TV is I can’t get cancelled! So this show will go on for as long as I damn well please. Lucky for you, I’ve got a lot of energy to give you so I hope you can enjoy some the of the craziness that my life entails. I even try to make the dull spots fun.

Below is the link to my first episode. It all started with Alicia’s birthday. She wanted to do a Pub Crawl in Pacific Beach. And if you live here in San Diego, then you have been down the infamous Garnet Ave or Mission Beach Drive. Its a huge mess of people living life to their liver’s content. This episode shows only 7 bars however we did make it to 8, but because the footage at one of the bars was so bad I didn’t want to bore you. I’m also learning a new software so the editing will only get better with time. I had a great time with my new Flip HD video camera and a boatload of friends. Please enjoy!

[youtube id=”chpx8IBiGYY” align=”center” mode=”normal” maxwidth=”600″]

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